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Homegrown With G Cole

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Jan 25, 2018

When you think of Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking or slavery of the modern era, you visualize a panel van coming to a screeching halt, two guys jumping out, grabbing someone and kidnapping them, the truth is that’s very rarely the case. As hard as it is to accept, Human trafficking and Sex trafficking are way closer and more real than we realize. G Cole talks to Shamere McKenzie about the almost two years she spent as a tortured, raped, and beaten sex slave. They talk intimately about the hurt, the near death, and the resurrection. Shamere now travels the world, educating, enlightening and saving lives. She uses her experience to change lives through her Sungate Foundation where she is the CEO.                                                                                                   Email.                                      National Human trafficking hotline: 1-888-3737-888                        or Text to BEFREE. i.e. 233733